Order the Print Book

Print book order fulfillment will be closed from September 30 through October 13


To order the print version of Atomic Scala:

  1. Download and read/review the (free) first 100 pages, to make sure you want this book.
  2. Consider whether you’d rather have the eBook version, which costs significantly less and requires no shipping and so is a much cheaper and more flexible option (there is no copy protection so you can put your eBook on all your reading devices).
  3. Please note that what you are ordering below is the print book only. It does not include the eBook.
  4. Click one of the links below, depending on whether you’re shipping the book to the USA or internationally.

Print book sales temporarily suspended

Because we are publishing the 2nd edition, we have stopped print sales ONLY of the first edition. The eBook version is the second edition, and if you buy that you will automatically get further ebook updates as they become available.

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