Current Corrections

When you download the corrections from the link at the bottom of this page, you’ll get a zip file containing all the current corrections. Unzip this file and view the HTML file(s) in your browser. The corrections should be obvious (that’s what we hope for, anyway).

Corrections are reported according to the version of the book. The first printing is Version 1.0, and subsequent printings are indicated on the copyright page (right before the index at the end of the book).

Each version difference has its own HTML file (viewable in your web browser) showing the changes. Thus, the corrections for Version 1.1 are in a file called AtomicScalaCorrectionsV1.0-V1.1.html, and when there’s a Version 1.2 of the book, corrections will be in a second file called AtomicScalaCorrectionsV1.1-V1.2.html, etc.

To report errors or issues, go to:

Download Corrections

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