Boulder Travel and Lodging

If you’re flying, the Denver International Airport is convenient to Boulder, about 50 minutes away from the seminar location. United Airlines has a hub there, so that’s often a good choice. Frontier and Southwest also have hubs in Denver, and are typically less expensive. (Airlines have a much larger number of nonstop flights to their hub cities).

Information about traveling to Boulder is available on the Boulder travel guide¬†on WikiTravel. It includes information about shuttle buses, restaurants, and lodging, as well as recreational activities. It also includes budget hotels, hostels, and B&B’s (and there’s also Air B&B).

The seminar will be held at Boulder Digital Arts. BDA has provided us with a travel guide and invited us to share that with our attendees.

Alternative Lodging: If you’re up for camping, Boulder boasts some nearby campgrounds. While we have no personal experience with the campgrounds, you might check out Boulder Campgrounds.

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