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If you want to help support the work we’re doing with Atomic Scala, you can donate to our tip jar.

Why do we have a tip jar?

In order to introduce you to the book and get you going in Scala, we’ve released a sample of the electronic book as a free distribution, which you can find on our Downloads page. We tried to make the sample large enough that it is useful by itself.The complete book will be made available for sale, both in print form and in eBook format. If you like what we’ve done in the free sample, please support us and help us continue our work by paying for what you use. We hope that the book helps and we greatly appreciate your sponsorship.In the age of the Internet, it doesn’t seem possible to control any piece of information. You’ll probably be able to find the complete electronic version of this book in a number of places. If you are unable to pay for the book right now and you do download it from one of these sites, please “pay it forward.” For example, help someone else learn the language once you’ve learned it. Or just help someone in any way that they need it. And perhaps sometime in the future you’ll be better off, and you can come and buy something, or just make a donation to our Tip Jar.
Bruce and Dianne
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