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Bruce Eckel is the author of Thinking in Java and Thinking in C++, and a number of other books on computer programming. He’s been in the computer industry for 30 years, periodically gets frustrated and tries to quit, then something like Scala comes along and offers hope and sucks him back in. He’s given hundreds of presentations around the world and enjoys putting on alternative conferences and events like The Java Posse Roundup. He lives in Crested Butte, Colorado where he often acts in the community theatre. Although he will probably never be more than an intermediate-level skier or mountain biker, he finds these very enjoyable pursuits and considers them among his stable of life-projects, along with abstract painting. He is currently studying organizational dynamics, trying to find a new way to organize companies so that working together becomes a joy; you can read about his struggles in this arena at Reinventing-Business.com, while his programming work can be found through www.MindViewInc.com.

Dianne Marsh is the Director of Engineering for Cloud Tools at Netflix. Previously, she co-founded SRT Solutions in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Her expertise in software programming and technology includes manufacturing, genomics decision support and real-time processing applications. Dianne started her professional career using C and has since enjoyed languages including C++, Java, and C#, and is currently having a lot of fun using Scala. Dianne is a member of the Women Presidents Organization. Dianne has been a board member of the Ann Arbor Hands on Museum, and one of the organizers for CodeMash, an all-volunteer developer conference bringing together programmers of various languages to learn from one another. She is active with local user groups, and hosts several. She earned her Master of Science degree in computer science from Michigan Technological University. She’s married to her best friend, has two fun young children and she talked Bruce into doing this book.

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