Reordering atoms …

I’m spending the day reordering atoms for Atomic Scala. It’s hard not to have any forward references (where we mention something we haven’t described yet and promise to talk about it later), but we think that this is really important, and we’ve made a commitment to our readers to avoid it.

But reordering cascades. So when I found that we had a reference to Methods in Objects, I decided to move Methods up. ┬áBut Methods uses Testing, so I have to either rewrite the Methods atom or move Testing up. Aha, but Testing talks about Objects. D’oh!

It would be easy to convince ourselves to allow it “just this once, just this little forward reference”, but it’s slippery slope and we’re not going to do it.

It’s a fun puzzle. So that’s how I’m spending my day today, and I’m pretty happy about that!

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Refining our download mechanism …

We’ve added a Downloads area so that we can know how many people are downloading the book. When you fill out the contact form, you can say that you want “Book Updates” and/or “Public Seminar Updates”. We really won’t share your email address with anyone else and we promise that our communication will be infrequent.

Also, I’ve finally configured the mail server to send from the email address “downloads” in the hopes that this will mean less messages are going to spam.

If you tried to download the book and never received the email, check your spam folder for “”. If you still can’t find it, please try again or fill out the Contact Form and we’ll send the download manually.

We really do appreciate all of the feedback we’ve gotten so far!

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